We use the Read, Write Inc programme to teach reading and phonics in our early years classes, Year 1 and some children in Y2 through the Read, Write Inc phonics programme. All the children are regularly assessed and grouped according to their ability. These groups are fluid and children may move groups throughout the year depending on their rate of progress. Sessions take place daily from 9am - 9.30am. All sessions are led by trained, experienced staff. If you would like more information about the programme, please click here

We also use the Read, Write, Inc 'Fresh Start' catch-up programme for children in KS2 who have gaps in their phonic knowledge.

We supplement the Read, Write Inc scheme with a wide range of reading books which the children take home with them to read. We believe it is important that children learn to read, and develop a love of reading, through reading as wide a range of material as possible rather than relying on one scheme. High quality books and other reading resources in the classroom help to inspire and motivate children to read.

At the end of Y1, all our children take a national test in phonics. Our children excel in this and our results are consistently above the national average. 

Outomes for all our children in reading are consistently above national in all benchmarks. 

Our Headteacher has a passion for reading and hears children read as often as she can!