Children from KS2 are invited to our Pupil Parliament every fortnight. The meeting is chaired by Mrs Raynor with minutes taken (and refreshments provided!) by Mrs Healey. Governors are also invited, and do attend, regularly. The children are given the opportunity to discuss what they like about school and what they think could be improved. We also discuss issues such as staying safe, behaviour, teaching and learning and anything else that crops up during the meeting.

Pupil Parliament explained by Freddie and Oliver (Year 4)

What is Pupil Parliament?

"We all go and meet with Mrs Raynor and tell her what we like about the school.  We also tell her what we would like to improve in the school."

How do you get to go?

"We get invitations inviting us to go and we go to the staff room.  It happens every week usually on a Friday afternoon"

Who goes and what do you do?

"Two people come from each class (1 boy and 1 girl) and we have a drink and a biscuit as well."

Why is it good?  

"It is good because we get to talk to Mrs Raynor and she finds out what we are thinking.  When we went we told her about the hole in the AstroTurf and she didn’t even know about it."