We are extremely proud to have been awarded a SILVER quality mark for the provision of RE. Many thanks to our outstanding RE Subject Leader, Mrs Powell, and to all our wonderful staff and pupils for this superb achievement. 

A Parents' Guide to Religious Education at Childer Thornton

Religious Educations at Childer Thornton should help children to:

  • acquire and develop knowledge and understanding of world faiths
  • develop an understanding of the influences of beliefs, values and traditions in individuals, communities, societies and cultures.
  • enhance spiritual, moral and cultural development
  • develop an awareness of fundamental life questions and respond according to personal experience, beliefs and values
  • cultivate thoughtful self-expression and philosophical thinking skills
  • aspire tolerance and nurture mutual respect
  • empathise, evaluate, question, relate and express
  • look at the world with an inquisitive and unbiased perspective
  • develop a sense of awe and wonder

RE teaching is delivered in a way that every child can access; children have written a clear Code of Conduct for how to behave in RE lessons and every child knows that all views are respected.

Our Curriculum

The curriculum is planned alongside the syllabus for Cheshire West Schools which was launched in July 2013.  All staff deliver RE lessons with Mrs Powell taking the role of subject leader. The medium term planning has been written by Mrs Naomi Anstice SLE for RE; she has also led training for all staff.

In 2015/16 the school was part of a project to support other schools with the writing of RE planning for the Cheshire Agreed Syllabus. 

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RE lessons are taught through a multi-sensory approach using:

  • drama
  • hot seating
  • DVD clips
  • outside speakers
  • music
  • art
  • dance
  • role-play
  • literacy
  • philosophy for children

RE is recorded in a class RE books and often celebrated on our school twitter page.

RE is assessed alongside all other subjects and parents are informed at the end of the school year if their child has met national expectations.

Children who are gifted and talented in RE are recognised and will be given opportunities to extend their knowledge such as attending CWAC’s RE conference for children.

Visitors and Visits

We welcome visitors from faith traditions. The children are aware that these speakers are representing one point of view.  In 2015-16, we will visit our local Church, have speakers on Fairtrade, visit the Liverpool Mosque and Synagogue and enjoy Hindu dance workshops.  In addition to this we will welcome “Harmony” inter-faith group who run workshops on Christianity, Islam Sikhism, Budhism, Judiasm, Quakers, Humanists and Baha’i.