OAK 2019 - 2020

Welcome to Oak Class - Reception

We are a very creative, happy and enthusiastic class. We really enjoy designing and making and expressing ourselves through role play.In Oak class we are taught by Miss Smith and our teaching assistants are Mrs Jackson and Miss Knowles. 

We learn through the Foundation Stage curriculum. All our teachers listen to us and enjoy finding out what we are interested in. Then they plan lots of exciting experiences and activities for us  based on the things that we like.

We are learning to be self-confident and independent. We are keen to ask for things that we need help with but aren't afraid to give new challenges a try. We are forming good relationships with others and are learning our school rules. We are trying our best to listen really well.

We work with numbers up to twenty and focus on a one number at a time. We introduce each number with a story link all aspects of maths to it. We are starting to learn to read and write. We have ‘Read Write Inc.’ sessions every day and we are starting to use the sounds that we have learnt to help us to read and write words on our own.

Our parents are really involved in our learning. At the beginning of the year, they were told how to help us at home. They read with us regularly.  Our learning journeys are online on a program called Tapestry – that means that our grown-ups can read all about the things that we do at school each day, and they can even add to our learning journey themselves so that our teachers can see all of the great learning that goes on at home!

We are creative and inquisitive learners - we are starting our journey through school with a smile.