HOLLY 2018 - 2019

Year Five are taught by Miss Molyneux. We have a very busy year ahead!

During the autumn term, the children will take part in drama lessons in preparation for our Shakespeare School’s Festival performance at the Storyhouse theatre in Chester. We will be studying Julius Caesar and learning some of the language of Shakespeare. In addition to this, the children will be partaking in weekly sign language sessions with the charity Deaf Active. We also all take part in a year-long music project where we get to learn an instrument to play together as a band.  

Our main topic for the autumn term will be looking at women’s rights throughout history by studying the suffragettes. Our school trip will take place at the Crown Courts in Manchester where they will have the opportunity to reenact the sentencing of Annie Kenney and Christabel Pankhurst - two notable figures in the suffrage movement.

In Spring term, we will be focusing on the idea of being a good role model. The children will have the opportunity to learn about important figures, both today and throughout history, who could be considered a role model.

Finally, we partake in a fantastic residential this year named A.E.M.S (Arts Education in a Multicultural Society) which involves a variety of multicultural experiences working alongside children from other schools.