CHESTNUT 2019 - 2020

Welcome back! We hope our new Year 6s are ready for the exciting year ahead!

The class will be taught by Miss Evans, and supported by Mrs Crockard and Mrs Carus.

Our topics this year begin with World War II in the Autumn Term. We will be looking at reasons why this war started and why the UK entered the war, as well the rise of Adolf Hitler and life at home including finding out about evacuees. We will be visiting both The Maritime and The Western Approaches Museums in Liverpool as part of a local study unit to enhance our learning. In geography, we will be looking at Europe both then and now, as well as improving our mapping skills and our knowledge of the world. In Science we will be learning about electricity and light and linking this with our WWII topic. We want his topic to be meaningful for the children and for it to also link with what is happening in our world today.

In the Summer Term, the children will complete their statutory assessments. These will take place on May 11th - May 14th. Children always say this is one of their favourite weeks of the year as we really do make it as enjoyable as possible! It is also just after this that the children find out what their Year 6 production will be - up until this point the details will be a closely guarded secret! This gives all of our Year 6s the chance to get up on the stage and share their talents.

Also in the Summer Term, in June, we go on our residential trip to the Conway Centre where we experience some very exciting activities such as kayaking, via ferrata and an amazing day of sea level traversing. The focus of the trip is not only to give the children some fantastic opportunities, but also to develop their confidence and teamwork skills.

Our extra responsibilities include Environment Officers, Junior Safety Officers and we are also valued buddies for the children in Reception. Another role that some of us have is as a Play Leader, which consists of us setting up activities during play and lunchtimes to encourage the younger children to develop their multi-skills.

As we have mentioned, we are lucky enough to have some specialist teachers throughout the week. On a Monday, Mr Barry teaches us music, and we are also taught Spanish on a Wednesday by Mrs Lewis. On Monday and Wednesday afternoons we have PE delivered by Mr Grooms!

This is an important year for us, so we will do lots of activities across the year to help us be responsible and make the right choices, help us with our transition to high school and most importantly, help us to stay safe and happy.